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Studying abroad in Germany currently attracts a lot of Vietnamese students with many support policies of the German government. So the apprenticeship program in Germany is like and what conditions are, how much it costs, what requirements about qualifications and German .. are the basic questions that many of you are interested.

Hopefully the article below will help answer some of your questions. At the same time help you take one step closer on the road to Germany to study and work.

5 advantages only when you study abroad in Germany

Save 1 billion now compared to studying abroad

Suitable for you with average learning power

  • However, the cost of living in Germany is quite expensive, ranging from 500 to 700 Euro / month depending on how you spend. Instead of studying at a 5-year college, you can learn and get an amount right away during your apprenticeship. This amount is 800-1000 Euro / month to help you save about 3,6000 Euro in 5 years. Equivalent to 1 billion VND.
  • Compared to other countries, studying abroad in Germany saves a lot. The reason is that the German government gives high priority to education so most German universities are free of charge.

Cơ hội việc làm ngay sau khi tốt nghiệp

  • A special feature of apprenticeship is that the program is managed by the companies / institutes / restaurants you study. Therefore, when you graduate you fully meet the requirements of the employer.
  • According to the AVT student statistics, 97% of you have a job right after graduation

Save time compared to attending college

As mentioned above, while vocational training takes only 3 years, the university can last up to 7-8 years. Many of you cannot graduate. Saving time means you can work to earn money earlier.

Cơ hội định cư vĩnh viễn ở Đức

  • After 3 years of working, you can apply for permanent settlement in Germany. Now you can have a stable and long life in the leading country in Europe.

Lộ trình du học nghề tại Đức năm 2020 - 2021

Lộ trình du học nghề tại Đức
Lộ trình du học nghề tại Đức

Tại Việt Nam

  • Trung tâm tiếp cận thông tin đầu vào từ học viên, đưa ra những tư vấn, định hướng bước đầu.
  • Học viên mất từ 6 – 8 tháng để bắt đầu học tiếng Đức từ trình độ A0 đến trình độ B1.
  • Song song với việc học tiếng Đức, các bạn sẽ được tìm hiểu về văn hóa, con người bản địa, rèn luyện kỹ năng mềm phục vụ cho cuộc sống và quá trình làm việc tại Đức.
  • Khi đã hoàn thành chứng chỉ B1, học viên sẽ được phỏng vấn (trực tiếp hoặc online) với trường nghề.
  • Phỏng vấn xin visa và xử lý hồ sơ.

Tại Đức

  • Thời gian đầu khi sang Đức, các bạn du học sinh thường phải tiếp tục tham gia vào lớp đào tạo tiếng Đức để hoàn thành chứng chỉ tiếng Đức B2.
  • Học tại trường nghề 3 năm với 2100 giờ lý thuyết + 2500 giờ thực hành (45% lý thuyết, 55% thực hành).
  • Tốt nghiệp trường nghề tại Đức, bạn có thể lựa chọn việc ở lại cơ sở thực tập làm việc hay lựa chọn một doanh nghiệp phù hợp với yêu cầu của bản thân.
  • Ổn định cuộc sống, xin thẻ cư trú và định cư tại Đức sau 2 năm làm việc.

Video sinh hoạt của học viên du học nghề Đức của AVT Education


Many of you have questions about the costs to expect when studying abroad in Germany. However, this depends on a lot of factors in your profile. What kind of German career do you plan on, your level of German or what city you want to live in Germany. Therefore, a fixed cost for you is impossible. However, basically, you need to estimate the following 3 expenses:

Fees for learning German and background certificates in Vietnam

  • In recent years the German government has been increasingly demanding German and background knowledge when you are apprenticing in Germany. Currently the minimum condition for you to learn a trade in Germany is German with B1 and related career certificates.
  • According to the estimation of AVT, it takes 9-12 months to get German in B1. During this time you can also learn vocational certificates if you do not have background knowledge. If you already have B1 and a related certificate, this cost can be ignored.

Service fee records

This is the cost you will have to pay AVT to AVT to handle your case and process until you get a visa. Applying for a vocational training visa in Germany by yourself is very difficult, almost impossible.

With more than 7 years of experience and having advised 600 students to study in Germany, AVT will help you process your application conveniently and achieve the best results. Specific tasks can be listed as follows:

  • Evaluation of documents in Germany accompanied by 02 weeks of vocational training in Germany
  • Complete the procedure of applying for a study permit, applying for a language learning contract, an apprenticeship, or an internship for you
  • Transportation at the airport 2 countries.
  • Enrollment procedures, temporary registration, housing arrangements, support when you go out for bank procedures.
  • Visa application and processing fees.
  • 06 months insurance in Germany and air tickets from Hanoi to Frankfurt.
Estimated to create blockade account in Germany
  • This is the amount of money you must deposit into a bank account in Germany. This account is called a escrow account, only allows you to withdraw up to 1100 Euro / month. When you come to Germany, you can withdraw money monthly to serve your daily life in Germany.
  • For convenience, most of your apprenticeship accounts are opened at Vietinbank. Vietinbank has a branch in Germany so you can withdraw money in Germany with your bank card.
  • Depending on each profile & field you will have to reserve a different amount in your account as prescribed. You can contact AVT to learn more about your situation.


Selecting vocational schools (apprenticeship centers) in Germany is important to the success of its students. Aware of this, AVT always considers, surveys and evaluates its partners strictly. Based on many different criteria, AVT currently has selected 5 partners as follows:

Euro Akademie vocational training school

  • Specialized training: Nurses – Nursing, Mechanics – Electronics.
  • Euro Akademie was born in 1980 in Köln as part of an ESO education. There are currently more than 36 training facilities spread throughout Germany.
  • Besides specialized knowledge on vocational training, the school also focuses on training soft skills for students. Specifically, the skills to develop themselves, teamwork, work abroad … are also interested in and taught to students.
  • Website of Euro Akademie Vocational Training School https: //www.euroa

Vocational training school in geriatric nursing and rescue services Werdau

  • Werdau is a reliable partner of AVT in nursing. The school is in the state of Sachen and operates primarily in the field of health care. The training area is diverse: from outpatient care, nursing training, as well as provision of medical services.
  • Founded in 1992 and up to 2015, the school has been officially recognized and awarded by Germany.
  • Up to now, more than 100 students of AVT have attended here.

Ludwig Fresenius private vocational school

  • Specialized training: Nursing – Nursing.
  • Ludwig Fresenius is Germany’s largest private vocational training school with more than 100 branches. Training majors vary from healthcare, nurses to business and technology.
  • The quality of special education is respected in Ludwig Fresenius. Ludwig Fresenius has obtained DIN EN ISO 9001 and AZAV certification of Germany. Students are taught by highly qualified teachers with modern teaching methods and updated curriculum.

Tập đoàn xây dựng BIW

  • Tập đoàn BIW hiện đang là đối tác quan trọng của AVT Education
  • BIW là một tập đoàn chuyên về lĩnh vực xây dựng lớn của CHLB Đức được thành lập năm 1937 và không ngừng phát triền cho tới nay với trên 8000 cán bộ công nhân viên. Tập đoàn đang có hoạt động hợp tác rất mạnh mẽ ở 33 quốc gia trên thế giới.
  • Website

Trường đào tạo nghề Azurit

  • Trường đào tạo nghề Azurit (tiểu bang Rheinland – Pfalz) là đối tác thường xuyên hợp tác của AVT Education. Trường Azurit được thành lập từ năm 1997 với sứ mệnh là nơi chăm sóc về thể chất và tinh thần cho người cao tuổi.
  • Azurit là một trong những trường có cơ sở hạ tầng thuộc top hiện đại bậc nhất tại Đức với hơn 80 cơ sở điều dưỡng trên toàn nước Đức. Trường này có hơn 80 viện điều dưỡng trải rộng khắp nước Đức, hơn 6000 nhân viên làm việc, và hơn 500 học sinh học nghề.
  • Website:


Conditions for studying abroad in Germany and subjects for admission

Conditions for studying abroad in Germany are quite simple. In theory, you only need to graduate high school and have good health to start joining AVT to prepare an apprenticeship in Germany. If you have B1 certificate, you will be reduced tuition and can receive scholarships depending on time and field of study.

Specific provisions are as follows:

  • Age from 18 to 30 graduated from high school or above.
  • Good health, free from hepatitis, social diseases and other infectious diseases. Health certificate required by Ministry of Health is required.
  • Level B1 and above can do the procedure right away. In case you have not yet studied German or have not yet obtained a B1 certificate, you can take German courses at AVT
  • Priority is given to students who have background certificates relevant to their field of study in Germany. Priority is given to people who have intermediate or higher degree in medicine, mechanics, electronics, restaurants and hotels.

Benefits of students participating at AVT

  • Free 100% tuition and related costs while vocational training in Germany.
  • Monthly allowance level of 800 – 1000 Euro depending on the school year. This allowance is enough for you to spend on daily activities without having to do more. Focused entirely on learning.
  • Allowed to work outside 20 hours / week with an additional income of 400 – 700 Euro / month.
  • Health insurance, taxes are fully paid. When you have a health problem, you can see a doctor and the insurance will pay completely.
  • 100% job opportunities after graduation with a pre-tax salary of 2000 – 2700 Euro / month. After 3 years of working, you absolutely have the opportunity to permanently settle in Germany.

Learning roadmap when participating in an apprenticeship program in Germany

  • Free 100% tuition and related costs while vocational training in Germany.
  • Monthly allowance level of 800 – 1000 Euro depending on the school year. This allowance is enough for you to spend on daily activities without having to do more. Focused entirely on learning.
  • Allowed to work outside 20 hours / week with an additional income of 400 – 700 Euro / month.
  • Health insurance, taxes are fully paid. When you have a health problem, you can see a doctor and the insurance will pay completely.
  • 100% job opportunities after graduation with a pre-tax salary of 2000 – 2700 Euro / month. After 3 years of working, you absolutely have the opportunity to permanently settle in Germany.

Registration file

  1. Curriculum vitae (Specify the time from level 1 to now what to do, where).
  2. Original passport, notarized household register, notarized ID card, birth certificate copy.
  3. Health certificate of eligibility for labor and study abroad.
  4. Original Justice Record No. 1 (Please in the Provincial Department of Justice)
  5. High school diploma, original high school transcript. Graduated diploma, transcript TC / CD / DH original (if any).
  6. Confirm the original working time (if any).
  7. Original certificate of German level B1 of Goethe-Institut (if any). If not, they will be trained by AVT.
  8. Application form (Handwritten or typed, explaining the reasons for wanting to study a job in Germany)
  9. 12 photos in accordance with the regulations of the German Embassy taken at 42 Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi.

Câu hỏi thường gặp


  • Statistics show that only 30% of Germans choose to go to university. The rest can learn vocational, farming or any other option. The reason is because studying in Germany is difficult and really only for people with good academic ability. Moreover, in Germany there are more than 350 diverse jobs for many people to choose from. During apprenticeship, you can get a basic living wage at no additional cost.
  • The advantage of apprenticeship is the combination of studying and doing in parallel – every 1 time of theory and 1 time after practice. Working time lasts about 3 years, so you fully meet the requirements of employers upon graduation. Therefore, there is a high possibility that you can get a job right after graduation
  • Hiện nay nước Đức đang thiếu hụt một số lao động trong một số nghề nghiệp – ví dụ như điều dưỡng, nhà hàng khách sạn, cơ khí, lái tàu…
  • Việt Nam là nước được ưu tiên lựa chọn lao động của Đức từ năm 2011. Tính đến nay sau 7 năm, nhiều học viên đã tốt nghiệp và ra đi làm tại các công ty/bệnh viện/viện dưỡng lão của Đức. Mức lương các bạn đạt được khi đi làm là từ 2000 tới 3000 Euro (trước thuế) và hoàn toàn có cơ hội định cư lâu dài ở Đức sau 2 năm làm việc.

Concept of “Vocational colleges in Germany”

  • The German university system is divided into two main forms: Universität – Technische Universität (University of Engineering and Technology) and Fachhochschule (University of Applied Sciences). Below university level can be vocational training, that is, students will learn a certain profession to work. Regarding qualifications, this value is usually one level lower than a university degree in Germany.

    Because there is no similarity between the education system of Germany and Vietnam, one way to understand, we can understand that vocational trainees in Germany can understand as vocational colleges in Germany.